Knowing the rules, before you break them

Producing your first project is hard enough. You have to put a team together, raise finance, make the work and hope nothing goes terribly wrong, all before you take it to the marketplace to see if anyone even cares enough to see it. 

With all these obstacles to overcome, why make things even more difficult by trying to break the rules of your craft on your first go?

One way to increase the chance of success is to set the foundation of your project in a well-trodden path. For film, that might be a traditional three-act structure. For painters, it might be starting with portraits or landscapes. Now if you think that sounds boring then take the opportunity to find originality within your restraints. Don't underestimate the credibility you will build by executing a less original concept well, rather than an original concept badly. 

By doing this you are also avoiding the trap of trying to create a completely ‘unique’ piece of art, which sometimes actually is a sign that the artist does not have a full understanding of the basis rules and principles of the craft.

You have enough on your plate to produce your work at a high level without having to break the rules of on your first go.  

You have to learn the rules before you can break them.